• Clever spaces

    Here at The Gas Hub, we love smart solutions, especially ones that make everyday living better. You might be surprised at what’s possible with a little outside-the-box thinking, like the couple of ideas here. Our Pinterest board has more creative and clever ideas you might like to pinch if you’re looking to update your living spaces. 
  • How warm is warm enough?


    The World Health Organisation recommends indoor temperatures should be a minimum of 18C but ideally 21C to provide a comfortable and healthy living environment. Still, a recent report by Statistics NZ found a third of Kiwi homes were under 18C in winter. 

  • Learn a new language


    It might be a while before your dream holiday is possible, so there’s plenty of time to learn the lingo while you wait with the app Duolingo. It's fun, addictive and free, so try it out to fill in a little time each day.