Better hot water

Find out how to improve the hot water situation in your home. Choose a natural gas water heater and enjoy powerful and reliable showers. There are high efficiency, yet affordable systems for every household from instant gas continuous flow to cylinders. Enjoy better hot water with natural gas.

Better heating

A home heated with natural gas is luxuriously comfortable and highly efficient. From ambient flame-effect fires to economical space heaters to whole-home central heating, there’s a heating solution for every household and every budget. Enjoy better heating with natural gas.

Building or renovating?

Make natural gas part of your building or renovations plans from the very start. Improve energy efficiency, save on building costs through sharp design, and future proof your home for later add-ons. Modern gas appliances are flexible, convenient and high-performing.

Paying too much for energy?

With high efficiency appliances and per-unit pricing of natural gas around one-third that of electricity, you'll likely save by making the switch. Using more than four big LPG bottles a year? You'll save money by converting to natural gas, even including the daily fixed costs charged by your energy retailer.

Love entertaining?

Surrounded by luxury and smart technology with control firmly in your hands, your home will be sure to impress with natural gas. With stylish and seamless heating solutions controlled by a smartphone app, powerful and endless hot water with options to heat your pool or spa and precision cooktops, natural gas is the ultimate for any entertainer.