A natural gas home is luxuriously comfortable. That comfort comes from the toasty-warmth of gas heating, the delight of endless hot water and the precision of a gas hob as you cook up your favourite dish.

You’ll love gas heating at home, it is so comfortable and so easy. Choose from glowingly ambient gas fires, all-over cosiness with central heating, and tiny but mighty space heaters that are fast and economical. Gas heating is clean burning and doesn’t add moisture or dampness to your home. Appliances are flued to the outside to keep the air in your home clean, healthy and safe.  

The comfort of natural gas doesn’t end with heating. Continuous flow hot water is powerful and delivers as much hot water as you need – when you need it – and it never runs out. That means there’s always enough water for everyone to enjoy a long, hot shower or a soak in the bath. No more cold showers = happiness! Find out more about better hot water with natural gas.


Natural gas gives you greater control of your energy bills by giving you more control of the two things that use the most energy in your home – hot water and heating.

Smart appliance technology, outstanding efficiency and lower per kilowatt prices for natural gas mean lower energy bills for many homes. Enjoy programmable timers and thermostats, flick-of-the-switch ignition, wireless remote controls and smartphone apps that put control firmly in your hands.

Natural gas continuous hot water allows you to control the temperature of your hot water and set it – with the push of a button – to a level that’s safe and comfortable for your family. Install a digital controller and you can even set the water to fill your bath and stop at the correct level, freeing you up to do other things while it is running, safe in the knowledge you won't overfill. Or how about this, turn the water temperature right down when you want that teenager out of the shower! Mean, but effective!

Heating your home with gas is a no brainer. With solutions for any home and any budget, the ability to easily control your gas heating to create the environment you want at home is a winner. Zone your central heating to keep your little one warm overnight in bed without needing to heat the living areas. That's effective and efficient.

If you love to cook, you’ll know that professional chefs and the very best cooks prefer to cook with gas. Gas cooking gives you the speed, power and precision you need to be a master in the kitchen. The instant flame and visible heat give you total control of the cooking temperature. It’s convenient, fast and very easy to use.

A smart home with control at your fingertips will be sure to impress when entertaining. It simply makes living easy and very convenient at home. If you love luxury and entertaining, find out more on how natural gas can benefit you.


Natural gas is affordable and can offer big savings over electricity. Prices have been consistently lower – around one-third the standard unit price of electricity. Plus natural gas appliances are incredibly efficient. Some appliances promote 95% efficiency and 7-star ratings – so they cost a lot less to run.  

Even with daily fixed charges, natural gas is affordable and will almost always work out a cheaper option if there are two or more of you at home. Many people start with natural gas hot water and add on heating and cooking later. The more appliances powered by natural gas in your home the more you could save over electricity or LPG. This is because the per kilowatt variable charges (the per unit cost) of natural gas is much cheaper than electricity.

Currently using LPG? We did the maths, and if you’re currently using more than four large (45kg) LPG bottles a year, you’ll save money by converting to piped natural gas, even including the extra daily fixed charge. 

Working out how much you’ll spend and save on energy is a hard one. There are so many variables – such as how many people at home, how long, hot and frequent your showers are, what heating you use, which energy retailer price plan you’re on, to name a few. Things like lowering the temperature of your heating from say 22 to 18 degrees Celsius can make significant savings on your monthly bill.

We've created a very smart comparison tool where you can input some of these variables and find out how costs for natural gas hot water might stack up against other options like an electric cylinder or LPG. It takes just a couple minutes and you can have the results emailed to you. Find our water heating cost comparison tool here.


Natural gas packs quite a punch. It can provide all the heat, hot water and flame for cooking you could ever want, on tap, ready when you are. Kiwis can rely on natural gas as an energy source. With around 15 producing gas fields and 31 active exploration permits across New Zealand, we’re confident that the gas you use to power your heating, hot water and cooking appliances will keep our homes comfortable well into the future.

The power of natural gas is so convincing, major services and businesses rely on it every day to keep things ticking over – some even 24/7 around the clock. Just as well it’s delivered on tap. Who’s using gas in your community? Te Papa, Wellington Hospital, many gyms, most public swimming pools, Taranaki Base Hospital, Tegel, Hawke’s Bay Hospital, Quality Bakers, Heinz Watties, McCains Foods, Palmerston North Hospital, NZ Defense Force, Massey University and the list goes on and on...

With the transition to a lower carbon future, some doubt about the future of gas has been cast. We believe the key is balance. Natural gas has an important role to play in helping reduce overall demand for electricity and keeping energy affordable for everyday Kiwis. There is also huge potential in emerging energy technology to reduce, or even eliminate, emissions and provide alternative clean energy gas sources.

If you’re weighing up whether to connect to natural gas, feel safe in the knowledge your gas appliance will run out before gas does. For the here and now, you can rely on natural gas. You can read more about the future of gas and see our vision of a future gas home here.

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