Clever kitchen creations

Embrace the power of natural gas in your kitchen and become the culinary guru you’ve always dreamed of being. Gas hobs are fast, hot, and precise. Cook at low temperatures for the perfect melted chocolate, or crank it up instantly to sear a succulent steak.

The power and performance of natural gas is matched by the beautiful design of modern gas appliances. Stylish cook tops look stunning and are a piece of cake to clean. As part of a kitchen build or home renovation, including gas cooking in your plans is easy and a must-have for many.

You might also be surprised to know that if you already use natural gas in your home, it costs about 50% less than cooking with electricity.

Looking at re-doing your kitchen? Renovating or building new is the perfect opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams and switch to natural gas for all of your cooking needs. Cook your old favourites or test out newfound culinary talents on gas hobs; they’re fast, hot and precise.

The beautiful designs of modern gas appliances match the power and performance of natural gas. Contemporary cooktops give your kitchen a stylish revamp and better yet, are a piece of cake to clean and maintain. Including gas cooking in your build or renovation plans is easy and a must-have for many.

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We also have a very useful hot water cost comparison tool that compares upfront and running costs within our natural gas network regions. Find out whether a natural gas, electricity, LPG, or solar hot water system could be the right solution for you. Try our hot water cost comparison tool now.

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More possibilities

  • Easy living both indoors and out


    Entertaining is something New Zealanders love to do, and especially in the backyard when the weather allows. Natural gas is luxurious and allows you to be the ultimate entertainer no matter the season.

  • Smart convenience at your fingertips

    Get in touch with technology with natural gas-powered appliances. Wow your friends with your smart-home and show off with automation and programming to streamline living at your place.