Did you know?

Natural gas can power 70% of your home's energy needs

You can optimise your gas connection by connecting your hot water, heating and cooking all to gas and reduce your energy bills. From instant, continuous flow hot water to luxurious, warm and healthy heating or fast precision cooking; natural gas can make your home feel better all over.

Did you know that you can save up to 30% on hot water heating with natural gas?

  • Continuous flow systems mean the shower will always be hot when it’s your turn! Heat only the water you need, enjoy unbeatable water pressure, while gaining valuable storage space.
  • Gas cylinders work well on low or mains pressure and you’ll have hot water during a power cut.

Did you know that heating accounts for around one third of your energy bill? Natural gas is highly efficient and delivers warm, dry and healthy heat. Choose from:

  • Central heating ducted through floor or ceilings offers luxurious warmth
  • Radiators or underfloor heating are great for allergy suffers
  • Gas fires give you no fuss and no mess ambience without the wood stacking
  • Flued heaters offer space efficient, dry heat that work no matter how cold it is outside

Did you know if you are already using natural gas in your home, it will cost you about 50% less than cooking with electricity? The choice of professional chefs:

  • Instant heat
  • Visible flame
  • Greater control

You'll be doing your bit towards a more sustainable New Zealand

Did you know, that Kiwis using piped natural gas directly in their homes, produce less than 1% of New Zealand’s total greenhouse emissions? These homes also are helping to ease the dependency on using coal or natural gas electricity generation during peak times like winter, when lake and wind levels are low and renewable sources are not enough to supply household demand.

Further information

Are you based in Wellington, Taranaki, Manawatu or Hawke’s Bay? You may be able to connect your home to gas for free with The Gas Hub.

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We also have a very useful hot water cost comparison tool that compares upfront and running costs within our natural gas network regions. Find out whether a natural gas, electricity, LPG, or solar hot water system could be the right solution for you. Try our hot water cost comparison tool now.

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