Gas energy is energising our future! Here's our vision...

We are excited about what the future holds for gas and firmly believe that natural gas has a role to play as we transition to a lower carbon future.

We think that natural gas will still be available to power your home’s hot water, heating, cooling and cooking needs well into the future. The energy may be blended with hydrogen to give an even lower carbon option and biofuels may also be available to use. Regardless, gas energy will remain steady and reliable, providing your home with comfort, control and convenience.

Electricity required to charge and run household appliances and for keeping your lights on is generated by solar photovoltaic roof tiles and wall panels on the outer of your home - not just a handful of solar panels, but your whole roof and entire walls. Batteries in the future will become more affordable as technology progresses, so you’ll be able to save what you’ve generated for night time or when the sun is not shining.

We see households running electric or hydrogen powered cars (perhaps even driverless) as well as electric bikes and scooters.

More of your everyday appliances will become smarter and controlled by your devices, enabling you to remotely – and even automatically – turn appliances on and off to selectively use energy. This allows energy to be used at times when it is most efficient, like when your home is generating power from the sun.

We think a balanced approach to New Zealand’s energy use is beneficial, for affordability, reliability, and sustainability. With new energy technologies being researched and developed here in New Zealand and globally, we are watching closely while also considering the part gas will play in our energy mix.

Here and now, we are certain that any new gas appliance you install today will continue to run on gas until its end of life.

You can feel confident that gas remains a great choice to power your appliances at home.