Gas is energising our future

We are excited about what the future holds for gas and firmly believe that natural gas has a role to play as we transition to a lower carbon future.

We think that natural gas will still be available to power your home's hot water, heating and cooking needs well into the future. It may be blended with hydrogen gas or biofuels for an even lower carbon option. Regardless, gas energy will remain steady and reliable, providing your home with comfort, control and convenience. 

Did you know that the gas pipes that connect your home to our network, are probably already our hydrogen gas compatible yellow ones? Making your neighbourhood, along with all our new sub-divisions carbon-zero-ready now! 

We are certain that any new gas appliance you install today will continue to run on gas until its end of life. You can feel confident that gas remains a choice to power your home.

Renovating? Energy proof your home with the future in mind.

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